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Checkmark Simplified service model – Managing multiple vendors can be time consuming.  With RENOVO’s one contract, one cost, one call you will save on administrative time and cost.


Checkmark Increase productivity – We work to maximize your resources. Our solutions remove the adminstrative burden from your scientists and allow them to focus on their core competency.


Checkmark Increased up-times – RENOVO’s sense of urgency decreases your downtime. We aggressively manage your corrective, preventative maintenance, and escalations in order to maximize up-time so the lab workflow experiences as little disruption as possible.


Checkmark Savings guarantee –  We guarantee reduced cost and gained efficiencies so customers experience 15% or more cost and efficiency benefits.


 Checkmark Inventory Optimization– RENOVO will help reduce your lifecycle management costs along with maintaining a continuous accurate inventory, while facilitating asset utilization recommendations.


Checkmark Compliance management –  Through RENOVOLive®, we can provide optimal management of compliance environment.


Checkmark Overall increased lab efficiency – Our customized service delivery solutions will uniquely address your laboratory’s needs to ensure overall optimization and lab efficiency.


RENOVO’s solutions will increase equipment up-time and help our customers bring patient quality of life assistance faster to the market.