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It’s not just something we do, it’s ALL we do.

Life Science and Research Asset Management

RENOVO SOLUTIONS is forging a change in the Life Science & Research asset management and service industry.  We are bringing the same sense of urgency, optimization and customization that healthcare facilities have required.  Why should Life Science & Research lab environments settle for any less when it comes to asset management and equipment up-time?

RENOVO’s focus is solely on medical and research equipment service and management. We are highly experienced at helping you optimize your asset management plan, gain efficiencies and can provide savings of 15% of more. It’s not just one of the things we do – it’s all we do.

Why else should you choose RENOVO?

Checkmark We provide true transparency and open-book access to all operational and cost information.


Checkmark RENOVO can streamline maintenance of your equipment and instruments into one integrated service delivery solution that increases uptime, decreases cost and improves operational and staff efficiencies. While providing reduced risk and guaranteed savings to your operational expenses.


Checkmark Equipment UP-TIME is a priority. When an instrument or equipment is down, we understand it is imperative to resolve issues and implement fixes in order to limit disruption to the workflow of the lab. RENOVO provides responsive, total end-to-end management of service events including managing escalations to accelerate response times and repairs.


Checkmark We provide end-to-end inventory management tracking. After doing an inital full inventory, we ongoing life cycle asset management services, preventative and corrective maintenance instance tracking.  We understand the consolidation of instrumentation and thus the importance of increased asset utiliztion by your research team.


Checkmark RENOVO collaborates with you to deliver a customized service delivery plan that will provide the best service solution for your equipment. Our solutions are based on the customer’s specific needs, goals and objectives. We take a consultative approach which begins by prioritizing your equipment base. We place them into three distinct categories, which each category can demand a separate service delivery approach and priority. An example of this is below. We also collect department and/or end user input as to the service and utilization needs.


Category 1  Category 2  Category 3
Bio-Safety Cabinets HPLC & IC    Mass Spectrometry
Sterilizers & Autoclaves Gas Chromatography Enterprise Software
Pipettes & Liquid Handlers Spectrophotometer  Surface & Micro Analysis
Biological Incubators Automted Liquid Handlers Process Instrument Analyzers
ULT Freezers & Mechanical Cryogenics  NMR
Table Top & Super-Speed Centrifuges DNA Analyzers
LPG CO2 Incubators DNA Sequencers
LPG MIB Instruments Imaging Systems
Ovens & Furnaces        LPG Ultra Centrifuges                CC40
Shakers LPG Robotic Systems
Plate Washers / Stackers Cytomat Incubators
Lab Balances / Scales PCR Systems
Hematology Analyzers
Histology Equipment Stainers, Microtomes


Checkmark Our solutions wouldn’t be custom if they weren’t also flexible and scalable. RENOVO can offer site level or enterprise level support. Further, we can provide comprehensive service, focus on specific issues a site might be challenged with, or provide a level of support somewhere in between. We will provide the most optimal cost effecitve solution.


Checkmark We understand the impact increased equipment up-time can have on the lab environment. Up-time will allow professionals to focus on their core skills and improve productivity. Therefore, we ensure proactive, preventative maintenance and accelerated service on corrective repairs.


Checkmark RENOVO is the ONLY unbiased, independent life science, research and healthcare asset management provider.